Terms and Conditions

Terms of Rental

This agreement is between Adventure Phone and the customer digitally signing and purchasing the rental of satellite equipment via adventuresatellitephones.com hereby referred to as RENTER. This agreement is valid until the rented satellite phone and equipment is returned to Adventure Phone and all agreed upon fees have been paid in full.

Rental Period

The rental period begins on the date that Adventure Phone delivers the satellite equipment to the RENTER's shipping address and continues for the amount of time the RENTER purchases at the time the order is placed.  The rental period may not be shortened or extended.  If rented equipment is not returned to the designated drop off location by the end of the rental period Late Fees will be added to the final rental bill as described below.  

Airtime Billing

Airtime charges will be collected at the start of the rental period.  If the RENTER prepays for any airtime at the inception of the rental period then only the airtime exceeding the prepaid amount will be billed at a rate of $2.50 per additional minute.  Unused prepaid airtime is not refundable.  

Loss or Damages

All rented equipment must be returned to Adventure Phone in the same condition in which it was shipped.  If any of the rented equipment is broken, damaged, stolen, lost or missing the RENTER is responsible to  pay to Adventure Phone a replacement or repair fee equal to the current retail price of the damaged or missing equipment. The RENTER understands that he or she is responsible for the full replacement cost of the equipment should it not be returned.  

Satisfaction of Service

Adventure Phone cannot guarrantee that the RENTER is satisfied with the quality of service. Adventure Phone is obligated to deliver working satellite equipment to the RENTER by the date that the RENTER has indicated they need the satellite equipment. If the RENTER feels they have a non-working satellite phone or terminal they may be eligible for a refund. In such a case the RENTER must report the defect to Adventure Phone and return the satellite equipment within 48 hours of receiving it. Adventure Phone will test the equipment that the customer has claimed to be defective and if it found to be defective the renter will not be responsible for the rental fees. If the equipment is found to be in working condition or if the above procedure is not followed the RENTER will still be obligated to pay for all rental charges. 

Late Fees and Cancellation Fees

The RENTER is obligated to pay a late fee of $12 per day for every day the satellite equipment is not returned after the rental period. Adventure Phone will not charge a cancellation fee if the RENTER cancels the order more than 3 business days prior to the scheduled shipment of the order. If the RENTER cancels within 3 business days of the scheduled shipment of the order Adventure Phone will apply a cancellation fee to the order equal to 50% of the order total.